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Watching Our Water
El Tour de Agua has been revised and replaced with Watching Our Water, a NEW three-part water education program for 6th-8th grade students about the intricacies of Tucson's unique water situation, focusing on water sources, the water cycle, and water conservation. Watching our Water includes a pre-visit video, a hands-on and interactive classroom presentation (designed to fit into a typical 50-60 minute classroom period), and a post-visit lesson. Each student receives a free shower timer and flow rate bag (used in the post-visit lesson) and has the opportunity to request a free low flow showerhead from Tucson Water.

Watching our Water contains the same valued content as El Tour de Agua, with additional information about drought and climate change, as well as added ADE standards, especially related to math skills. The exciting new media format and engaging activities will WOW you!
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Classroom Materials
Watching Our Water - Pre-Visit Video

This pre-visit video that will engage your students and help them better understand their personal water use, explore Tucson's water sources, and prepare them for the on-site classroom presentation!

NOTE: You can choose to download a high or low resolution version of the pre-visit video, or stream it from YouTube. The high resolution file is preferable, but if it's too large for your computer to download, choose the low resolution file (the content is exactly the same, but the quality of the visuals is slightly lower). Be patient, the video may take 5 minutes or longer to download.

High Resolution
Low Resolution
Stream from YouTube
Watching Our Water Post-Visit Lesson: How Does Your Shower Flow?
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